We are rebellious in approach, breaking boundaries with the only intention of providing an exceptional journey through history, matched by excellent service by our dedicated teams.

At Hokus Pokus we have changes to adhere to the standard government guidelines within our restaurant. We have made changes throughout our restaurant to adhere and are enforcing new service standards to ensure your safety for all by implementing new safety measures. The following 5 steps have been taken to ensure a safer dining experience;

Covid-19 Risk Assessment
Enhanced cleaning and hygiene measures
Social Distancing / Reduced dining spaces
Track & trace systems
Health surveys

These requirements and precautions are set to make you and our team as safe as possible. In addition to our existing (pre-COVID-19) cleaning measures, we have increased the cleaning scheduling as well as ensuring the products and methods used to clean the restaurant are most effective to protect against the spread of Coronavirus.

Hand sanitisers will be available at reception, bar and washroom. Hokus Pokus will operate a one-way system for entry and exit, where available. The maximum capacity in the restaurant has been reduced, social distancing between tables will be enforced, ensuring you and your party have sufficient space from other diners. We will adjust service approaches to minimize contact between front of house workers and customers at points of service where appropriate. For example, using tables at tills and counters to maintain social distancing guidelines (2m, or 1m with risk mitigation where 2m is not viable).

All common areas will be wiped down with sanitised regularly. This includes door handles, push pads, reception desks, handsets, washroom countertops, faucets, till systems, PDQ machines and stations. Checklists will be in place for each department and used to ensure all areas are covered effectively.

We will provide clear guidance on expected customer behaviours, social distancing and hygiene to people on or before arrival as well as on-site signage. Our guests must understand that failure to observe safety measures will result in service not being provided. We are providing written and spoken communication of the latest guidelines to both our teams and guests inside and outside of the restaurant.

We will be keeping a record of all guests and visitors for 21 days as requested by the government to assist in the track and trace scheme.

All team members will wash and sanitise their hands no less than every thirty minutes. All will be required to pass a ‘return to work’ food hygiene training program. All chefs will wear masks and hair coverings where required. Our staff will refrain from physical contact with each other where possible and where not deemed necessary for our employment. Staff will not be permitted to share food or drinks at all. Teams must travel to and from work in personal clothes and shoes, changing on site into their uniforms. All members of our team will ensure their hands are washed/sanitised upon leaving their house and immediately once arrived at work. All teams will be subject to having their temperature checked before working and will be sent home if a temperature is detected. Sanitiser and hand washing facilities are readily available for both front and back of house staff areas.