Combining one of the greatest inventions of 17th century with our potions made from raw materials, you will be taken on an uplifting journey.
Beside many reasons why fruit and berries are among the healthiest foods on earth, you will find this potion to be loaded with antioxidants combined with our herby infusions.
Aromas released in the process of creating this potion are designed to encourage relaxation, promote concentration & to cultivate new interests.
Created in accordance to Ayurveda principles of nutrition, this potion comprises of Earth with characteristic elements of light and moist by nature.
By carefully selecting and altering various ingredients in the first stage, later combining them together and inducing with veracity of smoking techniques, we have created spiritual experience vital for your wellbeing.
To help you stay focused and alert we have handpicked a selection of finest coffee beans which have been incorporated in the form of cold infusions into various ingredients from which we have created these coffee potions